A breath of fresh air

Clean air shouldn’t be a luxury, and thanks to PureAura it no longer is. PureAura is a low-cost, high-efficiency air purifier designed to improve air quality in small spaces.

Due to high rental cost, about 120,000 low income families in Hong Kong are living in confined spaces with no windows or poor air circulations. Many of these subdivided units are smaller than 14 m2, with toilet and kitchen all crammed into the same space. The “PureAura” air purifier is a practical solution to improve air quality in these living conditions.

Type of work
Product Design
Type of client
Healthcare industry
Startups & Emerging Businesses


  • iF GOLD Award 2024 for the masterful realisation of this design challenge
  • A compact, practical and budget friendly solution to improve indoor air quality.
  • Design for simplicity - making effective technology easy to use and to maintain.

Key challenge

Keep it simple, efficient and budget friendly

The goal was to improve the health of families in poverty. They don’t have money nor space to spare. The need for a simple, compact and robust product was real.


Good things come in small packages

PureAura offers a straightforward solution that's both efficient and budget-friendly. Priced at less than 15 USD, it operates for 40 hours on a 10,000 mAh USB power bank. Its flat-pack design ensures easy storage and distribution. With the power bank fitting neatly in the back, it's compact and perfect for SDUs. To make it even handier, it's got a handle with a mounting hole and an elastic hanging loop.


Easy does it

This air purifier is straightforward to use. Just plug it in, and it runs quietly in the background. The housing is easy to assemble and secured by a simple elastic cord. We intentionally kept it low-tech, so anyone can see and understand how it all fits together, making filter replacements a breeze.


Point proven

Lingnan University has proven that the PureAura reduces indoor fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) by a remarkable 80%, achieving levels below the World Health Organization's air quality guidelines at less than 5 µg/m3.

"Made from recycled materials, PureAura is compact, energy-efficient, easy to maintain, and highly effective. A strong example of humanitarian technology." A statement by the iF award jury


IF Gold award

The challenge of this design – masterfully realized – was to produce a low-cost air purifier suitable for the kinds of confined spaces that many low-income families in Hong Kong inhabit.

Red Dot winner

Designed around Humanitarian Technology principles, PureAura, made of recycled material, is compact in size, cheap to build, easy to maintain and scientifically proven effective..