Modern wood stove

The Dovre Saga collection represents a modern take on a timeless classic. This highly advanced stove boasts the highest possible efficiency, striking a perfect balance between the past and the present.

It also marks Studio Dott's first venture into cast iron manufacturing. Quickly, we familiarized ourselves with its limitations and strengths, seamlessly incorporating them into our design.

Type of work
Product Design
Type of client


  • The Saga collection honors Dovre's esteemed heritage.
  • The use of cast iron as a production method presents exciting design opportunities.

Key challenge

Crafting a Contemporary Classic

Dovre presented a unique challenge: to create a contemporary classic. After conducting thorough market research, the vision was proudly presented – a redesign of the Nordic, an iconic Scandinavian stove, reinvented for the modern era.



Thinking precedes action. Only after conducting an extensive market study, thoroughly exploring the global market, was the decision made in collaboration with the client to embark on a redesign of the Nordic. Deep market knowledge also ensures avoidance of repetition of what has already been done.


Beauty through Iteration

Through our systematic process of refining shapes and exploring various variations, we can guarantee that whatever we create will always be something beautiful. No detail goes untouched.


Graceful curves

Cast iron doesn't favor sharp angles. The choice was made to leverage this as a strength, incorporating graceful curves into the design, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and functionality.


Nordic heritage

The stove's design is inspired by the Norwegian model 100 CBS, with an option that showcases illustrations reminiscent of its roots.


Versatility from 101 to 301

The requirement for scalable design was anticipated right from the start, enabling the "design language" to seamlessly fit multiple models like the 101 and 301.


Technology meets design

The stove utilizes 3-way air technology, making it exceptionally efficient. Close collaboration with Dovre's technical team ensured the seamless integration of this intricate engineering.

"Our design approach extends beyond individual products. We strive to see the broader perspective, think in terms of systems, and envision a comprehensive strategy for your projects."Studio Dott


A Modern Stove with versatile design

The Saga is a contemporary stove that's the ideal addition to Dovre's range. Thanks to our well-documented 'design language,' it can easily be adapted for other products, offering our client great flexibility.