Affordable luxury watch

Over the past few years, watches have changed. They used to be just for telling time, but now they're a must-have fashion accessory.

Cheap watches are everywhere, and on the other side, there are very expensive ones that are passed from one generation to the other. Artuur and Studio Dott have taken the liberty of bridging these two worlds by creating an affordable, timeless wristwatch with innovative design elements.

Type of work
Product Design
Type of client
Startups & Emerging Businesses

Key highlights

  • Timeless yet unique design
  • Changeable bracelets


Distinctive design in a crowd

In a crowded market, finding originality in our design while keeping it minimalistic and elegant was a tough task. We aimed for uniqueness without unnecessary additions. Plus, we had to pay close attention to the price, as it affects our target audience.


Suitable for every occasion

By making the bracelets interchangeable, one watch can become several. Adjust your bracelet to match your clothes or easily replace it when it is broken or worn out.



Unisex fashion is becoming increasingly popular. The distinction between genders in clothing and accessory choices is gradually fading, and the classic Artuur design is indeed suitable for both men and women. This watch is as unique as you are.


Very refined

The curvature on the face of the watch adds a unique touch to the design. You have the option to choose a model with lugs (those tiny metal parts that mark the hours) or go for a more minimalist approach where they are omitted.


Well researched

We conducted extensive research to strategically position the brand and gain a deep understanding of the market landscape. This analysis allowed us to make informed decisions and tailor our approach to meet the demands of our target audience.


The perfect package

Experience the luxury of our carefully designed packaging. It showcases a variety of stylish bracelets and closes securely with a magnetic seal, adding an elegant touch. Every time you open it, you create a memorable experience with your watch.


Timeless elegance

Due to its timeless appearance, the Artuur watch remains a top-selling product. Its adaptability makes it appealing to a broad market, which is a clear indication of its success.