Wireless outdoor speaker

Portable audio devices have changed the way we listen to music. Phones and tablets are now our primary source of music. But for audiophiles who are looking for the best possible sound quality without the inconvenience of wires, there are only small carry-on and compact portable speakers available.

That's why we teamed up with the Escape team to create the Escape series for you. A line of high-end wireless speakers that deliver stunning performance and are waterproof.

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Product Design
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Startups & Emerging Businesses


  • Detailed 360° Omnidirectional sound
  • Portability
  • Weather proof

Key challenge

Working with limitations

From the start, it was straightforward: we needed a durable, water-resistant fabric. Nevertheless, this inflexible material, typically reserved for outdoor furniture, presented challenges when it came to flexibility. Through rigorous testing and prototyping, we successfully devised an innovative method to stretch the fabric, perfectly tailored for industrial production.


Center of the party

When designing the speaker, our primary goal was to ensure exceptional sound quality in every direction. The result: detailed 360° omnidirectional sound.



Our keypad is intuitive to use and places all essential controls at your fingertips. We designed a rubber part that ensures waterproofing while also elegantly concealing the ports.


Escape app

The design of the Escape app seamlessly complements the product. It provides complete control over the speaker and allows locking the keypad buttons, a valuable feature for professional settings such as bars and restaurants.


Future proof

Our design incorporates a compartment below the keypad. This addition allows you to connect optional add-ons such as the Google Chromecast or Escape M1 module. This ensures that your device remains ready for future upgrades and enhancements.


Long lasting materials

Engineered for lasting quality, our speaker's waterproof grill is crafted from a resilient multi-filament, high tenacity polyester yarn, designed to seamlessly complement your outdoor decor. The handle is made from sturdy aluminium, ensuring a lifetime of durability and timeless luxury.

"With fabulous sound, and all the power you could possibly ask for, the Escape P9 is the perfect speaker for the great outdoors."Written by Expert reviews


A growing product portfolio

Following the successful design of the P9, its popularity led to a swift demand for additional variants like the P6 BT and the P6 Air.