Rediscovering Ghent’s heritage

Experience the fusion of technology and culture in a groundbreaking project. We embarked on a journey to create a highly interactive experience inviting visitors to rediscover heritage through captivating stories rooted in the heart of Ghent.

From envisioning the concept to crafting every aspect of the mobile space and online platform, Studio Dott's expertise knows no bounds. Let us unveil the transformative power of design and innovation.

Type of work
Digital Design
Interior & Spatial Design
Service & Business Design
Type of client
Public Services & Municipals
Cultural Institutions

Key highlights

  • Interdisciplinary Synergy: A harmonious blend of physical design, digital innovation, storytelling concept, and service design paved the way for a truly immersive and innovative experience.
  • Collaboration with Gent's Museums: We joined forces with four distinguished museums, including Archief Gent, Industriemuseum, Design museum Gent, and Huis van Alijn, to curate a unique fusion of heritage and culture.
  • Pioneering Social Cohesion: Our project stood as an innovative research endeavor, focusing on enhancing social cohesion and cultural participation in three neighborhoods.

Key challenge

Our journey began with a lofty challenge:

harnessing technology within an immersive space and leverage heritage to improve social cohesion and cultural participation in three neighborhoods. The transition from abstract ideas to concrete, realizable solutions was our mountain to climb. We tackled this challenge head-on by initiating visual work early in the project, fostering a common language among diverse project partners, and aligning everyone towards a shared goal.


Visual Agility

With a lot of stakeholders in the mix we focussed on fostering collaboration with a diverse group of partners by rapidly translating ideas into visuals to sharpen the common goal.


Inclusive Innovation

Our high-tech, innovative and human-centric experience centre design reached audiences that might not typically visit museums, including children, seniors, and newcomers with diverse cultural backgrounds.


Versatile Mobility

The mobile space we designed not only immersed visitors in heritage but also sparked and facilitated various activities within and around the space to really make the heritage come to life.



Our work has garnered acclaim and recognition, affirming the value of design as a strategic strength. The impact extends beyond awards, evidenced by the diverse audience we've engaged, the enriched social fabric of Ghent, and the lasting cultural resonance we've fostered.


The hard work was also acknowledges by

Flanders DC’s Henry van de Velde Award in 2022.