Training hub for everyone who wants to learn Dutch

In the midst of renovations, it became evident that the building the training center needed more than just a physical facelift. The ultimate aim? To future-proof the building, cultivate a distinguishable identity (encapsulating the vibrant spirit of Brussels), and redefine its core services.

Central to this transformation are core values (the DNA) of the institution, ensuring a flexible, tailor-made service for every visitor, catering to their individual needs, and fostering an environment where the quest to learn Dutch is met with utmost support and guidance.

Type of work
Service & Business Design
Interior & Spatial Design
Type of client
Public Services & Municipals


  • Embracing diversity: Crafting a sanctuary where everyone — from expats to newcomers — can dive deep into the Dutch language and the Brussels identity.
  • Putting visitors first: By understanding their unique needs and tailoring the environment and operations to cater to them.

Key challenge

Shine light in the maze

Housed within a single structure were a variety of services, all converging at the ground floor and branching out to various levels. Each floor had its unique operations, routes, and protocols. The immense challenge was to guide the visitors, especially those unfamiliar with the Dutch language, effortlessly through this maze.


Unified vision among 90 souls:

Pooling the collective wisdom of a 90-member team, we grounded our vision in the shared values and aspirations of the entire organization. These collaborative efforts ensured that every voice was heard, and each perspective considered, paving the way for a harmonious blueprint.

The warmest welcome of them all. Welcome to the House!
Huis van het Nederlands


Playing with LEGO, seriously:

LEGO emerged as a powerful tool in our design phase. Through constructing and deconstructing, we were able to visualize the dream facility, shedding light on potential challenges and unveiling unexpected solutions. This playful methodology led to the birth of inventive ideas like a cozy multipurpose space that can be widely utilized, from thematic conversation tables to yoga sessions in Dutch.


Challenging the status quo:

Traditional space allocations and usages were put under the lens. With a clear understanding of their goals, we approached the building as a blank canvas, eager to reshape and redefine. Yet, while we dared to reimagine, we maintained respect for the building's inherent structures and natural light channels, ensuring an alignment between aspirations and the building's essence.


An open invitation to Dutch:

The ground floor isn’t merely a space; it is now an experience! It’s the face of their rich service offering, and envisioned as an interactive gallery, a space where visitors not only receive guidance but also immerse themselves in the vibrancy of the Dutch language and culture.


Flawless navigation:

With services sprawled across multiple floors, each with its distinctive character, guiding visitors seamlessly became paramount. We crafted an intuitive wayfinding system, allowing even those unfamiliar with Dutch to effortlessly traverse the building, experiencing all it has to offer.


Reviving Purpose: Organizational Renewal

Our approach instilled a renewed sense of pride and purpose within the organization. By recognizing their identity and championing the ethos, “Don't just complain, suggest what's better,” we ignited a positive transformation. This spirit of continuous improvement can now be seen in their new reception area, revamped logo, more intuitive website, and various internal operations.