An ergonomic sleep monitoring ring

Who said sleep monitoring devices have to be clinical and boring? Meet the Belun Sleep Ring – the perfect bed companion. A non-invasive, stylish medical wearable that combines comfort and elegance, and breeds medical quality.

OSAS? Regular sleep troubles? The Belun Ring brings the perfect blend of tech and style to your bedside. Sleep analysis has never looked so good, offering insights into your Zzz's, blood oxygen, and stress levels.

Type of work
Product Design
Type of client
Healthcare industry
IoT Industry
Startups & Emerging Businesses


  • Red Dot Award 2018 for it’s sleek, glossy, and stigma-free design
  • No more sleep disruptions – perfect measurement precision and user comfort
  • Brand-tastic: harmonized product and brand design for a seamless experience

Key challenge

Maximizing comfort without compromising data integrity

The real challenge? Keeping the sensor securely in place on the user's index finger without causing discomfort or disrupting sleep. An absolute imperative to ensure accurate and reliable data.


Snug as a bug

Through meticulous prototyping and testing (thanks to our foam model and 3D print buddies), we created a ring that doesn't go rogue during the night. And with six different sizes, we've got everyone's fingers covered.


Stylishly subtle

We went all black, sleek, sophisticated, and miles away from the stereotypical medical look. The glossy surface subtly alludes to a gemstone, adding a touch of class.


Dock of the bay

The docking station isn’t just a techy brain that reads data. It's also a nifty storage box – perfectly versatile for those who like their tech on-the-go.


A brand-new day

Our collaboration with Belun, didn’t stop at the product. We also crafted a corporate identity that aligned perfectly with their strategy and philosophy. Because, let's face it, a harmonious product and brand identity is the real 'happily ever after'.


Going back to the core

Peeling back the layers of the product and deep diving into the functional requirements unveiled the true solution. Without the need of constant data transfer, a battery with reduced capacity drove an ergonomic design that put user-friendliness at the core. 

"The design of the Belun Ring breaks new ground. In addition to being convenient, it also brings joy to the wearer due to its attractive look."
A statement by the reddot award jury


Partners in pioneering progress

From a simple collaboration, we've evolved into a solid partnership with our client, regularly brainstorming the viability of new products. Our alliance goes beyond working side by side; it's a pact to help them pioneer and flourish.