A roadmap for growth and success

At Studio Dott, we thrive on challenges, and the Wim Verhuur project was no exception. Discover more about how we embraced this exciting challenge.

In a fiercely competitive market where price-conscious competitors abound, we embarked on a mission to uncover the hidden gems of growth for Wim Verhuur, a rental company for heavy machinery. 

Type of work
Service & Business Design
Type of client


  • Digging deep: Transformational insights in a competitive market.
  • Uncover the true unique selling point: by engaging in transparent dialogues with open-minded customers.

Key challenge

Understand the secret behind their growth.

Wim Verhuur, a rapidly growing rental company, was on a quest to understand the secret behind their phenomenal growth. What made them tick? What could they do better, and where should they channel their energy? We stepped in with a comprehensive customer research initiative that would redefine their journey.


Exploring New Horizons

Our journey began with a deep dive into the diverse world of Wim Verhuur's customers. No stone was left unturned, as we engaged employees from every department in the pursuit of knowledge. This was no ordinary project; it was an intricate dance between understanding customers and dissecting Wim Verhuur's internal operations.


Redefining Differentiation

Wim Verhuur emerged with newfound insights, enabling them to differentiate themselves even further in an already crowded market. Focussing on a highly customer intimate approach and optimised internal operation, they were able to strengthen their position even further.


A Roadmap to Structured Growth

But we didn't stop there. Armed with our findings, we crafted a comprehensive roadmap that offered quick wins for the short term and sustainable improvements for the long haul. It was a blueprint for growth that both Wim Verhuur's management and employees could readily embrace and implement. We mapped out how Wim Verhuur's offerings fit into the customer's decision-making process. We tailored their approach to align with customer priorities, resulting in a crystal-clear positioning and a roadmap to guarantee sustained growth.


A matching brand identity

With the new roadmap aligned and the next steps on the way, it was time to freshen the brand and make it match the vision. Fresh and dependable, reflecting the true service of Wim Verhuur, the new identity visualised the goals perfectly.

"This project isn't just about numbers; it's about a complete transformation, a revolution in Wim Verhuur's journey." Studio Dott


Impact speaks volumes

The accolades followed suit. We introduced last-minute and emergency rentals as a structural offering, with price adjustments reflecting the unique value they brought. The outcome? An abundance of satisfied customers, despite slightly higher prices.