Sereni's novel take on memorial spaces

Sereni has redefined the funeral service industry with its innovative flagship store located at Het Eilandje in Antwerp. Through a harmonious blend of contemporary design and serene atmospheres, Sereni's spaces offer a new and inviting perspective on memorial services. 

With its state-of-the-art facilities, Sereni emphasizes a progressive and comforting approach to funeral services. The design seamlessly transitions from public to private spaces, culminating in a serene city garden that serves as a peaceful retreat for visitors.

Type of work
Interior & Spatial Design
Type of client


  • Contemporary designs, bathed in light, enhancing accessibility and comfort
  • Scalable concept, for further expansion and replication
  • Spaces for intimate and personal grieving experiences

Key challenge

Approachable and integrated

Sereni shifts the traditional view of funeral services and aligns it with modern expectations, by providing community spaces combining functional layouts with gentle and serene aesthetics. The gradual transition from public to private ensures a respectful and intimate experience.


Cremation jewelry

To enhance the gallery atmosphere, we designed a special brass-look shelf with matching bell jar for the ash jewels.


New form of ‘intake’

We also reviewed the intake interview and optimized it by developing a tailor-made piece of furniture. The round seating arrangement, which allows the funeral director to sit with the family, lowers the threshold for these emotionally charged conversations. Dampened acoustics, fresh pastel colors and warm, natural materials emphasize the deliberate peacefulness.


Unique funeral hall

The hall in the back of the building breathes light and air, creating a calm and supporting environment for the funeral ceremony. Thanks to the large glass wall that opens towards the intimate city garden, the indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly blend, offering an oasis of peace. After the ceremony, this versatile space can easily be transformed into a reception area.


The visitors room

Say your final goodbyes in a warm, bright space that embraces the green and restful character of the garden.

“Every grieving process has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Sereni thoughtfully guides you through this deeply emotional experience.”


New benchmark in scalable funeral services and spaces

Saying goodbye is one of the most difficult and emotionally charged events in a person's life. During such times, the presence of serene and professional support is essential. This is precisely what Sereni provides with their innovative funeral spaces, ensuring that every detail reflects compassion and care