Hand-held ophthalmoscope for easy eye examination

The "Fundus Link" ophthalmoscope from Rainsoptics is not your average medical device. Crafted with precision, it allows physicians to examine the retina and capture medically invaluable images. With seamless software integration, these images can be effortlessly added to patient records.

By harnessing the power of smartphone camera and innovative lens design, this product has effectively reduced barriers to eye examination and quickened the examination process. Spearheading their innovation, Studio Dott shaped its intuitive design and its captivating branding and packaging.

Type of work
Digital Design
Product Design
Type of client
Healthcare industry


  • End-to-end design by Studio Dott: product, UI (both physical and digital), logo, branding, and packaging.
  • Crafted a consistent design language that resonates across various design components.
  • An unwavering emphasis on usability, both physical and digital.

Key challenge

Marrying tech with utility

We asked: How can we design a device compatible with a variety of smartphones? The answer lay in a simple, replaceable adapter piece. This innovation ensures the device easily adapts to new smartphones. Additionally, catering to both large and petite hands, the design focused on grip, tactile buttons, and the touchscreen interface's ease of access. How do we design a device compatible with a myriad of smartphones? 


High-definition imaging

Rainsoptics' unique lens combo lets even the most basic smartphone camera capture razor-sharp macro images. Coupled with an intuitive user interface, designed in collaboration with specialists, usability becomes second nature.


Detailed application

The accompanying application strikes the perfect balance between rich functionalities and efficient convenience. It facilitates real-time image editing with settings that can be saved for future use. Moreover, the captured images can be systematically added to a patient’s file for subsequent tracking.


Daring aesthetics

In a market flooded with stereotypical medical devices, Studio Dott infused the branding and packaging with a refreshing zest that distinctly stands out and creates a lasting impression.


Keep it simple

The Fundus Link ophthalmoscope is a testament to simplicity and efficiency. Training? Minimal. And its reach? Boundless, extending to anyone and everyone in the healthcare sector.

“Innovation meets usability with the Fundus Link. It's more than a tool, it's a game-changer in retina examination. “
Studio Dott


Henry van de Velde Silver Winner

By cleverly combining an optical measurement unit with the smartphone, retina medical diagnosis becomes easier and more widely applicable. The optimal combination of the smartphone's potential with a simple click-on guarantees reliable diagnosis linked to the patient record in a cost-efficient way.

Red Dot Winner

Accurate eye examinations were until recently only possible with expensive and bulky medical devices. The Fundus Link changes this.