The smartest cone on the field

Welcome to the future of sports training! Ledsreact Pro, an avant-garde “smart agility coach”

Seamlessly fuses a high-tech cone, an intuitive smartphone app, and a dynamic data platform. Crafted to bolster athlete agility and reaction speeds, it’s an innovation that captures performance data, transmuting it into digital art.

Type of work
Digital Design
Product Design
Type of client
Healthcare industry
Public Services & Municipals

Key highlights

  • Tech at the forefront: A pioneering dive into radar technology, redefining its applicability.
  • Global recognition: Trusted by top-tier sports franchises across the globe—NBA, Champions League, NFL, Premier League, MLB, WTA, and more.


Focus on the game at hand 

Radar technology, with all its intricacies, could easily overwhelm a user. Our design imperative was straightforward—the cone had to feel intuitive. Engaging closely with frontline trainers, we refined concepts to resonate perfectly with their needs and concerns.


Plug & play simplicity

We envisaged an experience marked by ease. The cone works autonomously—a single press on 'play' gets the game going. The app serves coaches vital data on a platter, allowing instant tweaks during training sessions.


Radar love

An unmatched marriage of radar technology with sports. Say goodbye to personal wearables, intricate setups, or manual data entry. These smart LED cones, quick to deploy, guarantee pinpoint detection of multiple athletes—all courtesy of our advanced radar system.

“It’s our mission to enable trainers to focus on and improve their core competence: coaching their players.”


A total experience

Our design journey encompassed branding, product, and digital application—offering a comprehensive brand immersion.


Data-driven insight

Our digital platform offers a granular view of the automatically captured training data. Coaches can monitor athlete progression and leverage insights for informed, data-backed training adjustments. A beautifully intuitive interface paints a full performance picture.


Standardized training arsenal

The app provides trainers an ocean of exercises for single and multiplayer training. Additionally, a library of standardized tests empowers coaches to evaluate player performances, set individual goals, and gauge progress.


Robust design

The Ledsreact cone isn't just smart; it's resilient. Waterproof, shock-resistant, and backed by a long-lasting battery, it stands ready for any training regimen.


Strategic partnership

From its inception, Studio Dott has been an unwavering ally for Ledsreact. Together, we've charted the roadmap, from introducing a lightweight version for market exploration to launching the triumphant Pro version.


Designed for gold

Ledsreact’s trajectory, fortified by our strategic design expertise, has been nothing short of meteoric. From a raw idea to an international clientele featuring sports giants and renowned investor Thibaut Courtois… It's where design-driven innovation meets real-world success!