A modern approach to Flemish heritage

At Studio Dott, we're rewriting the narrative on heritage. Imagine this: your street's name, the statue on the corner – they're all echoes of our rich past, hiding in plain sight. But do we notice? Our journey through time is filled with countless anchor points we often overlook.

We're reshaping how you experience Flemish heritage, offering contemporary content in captivating formats, with a gamified twist, that make heritage come alive.

Type of work
Digital Design
Service & Business Design
Type of client
Public Services & Municipals
Cultural Institutions


  • Including multi-stakeholder approach: aligning their different goals to come up with an award-winning solution
  • Tailored Insights: Extensive contextual research led to a solution designed specifically for our target audience.
  • Contemporary Approach: We're reinventing heritage discovery with fresh and engaging experiences.
  • Inclusivity: We're breaking down barriers, making heritage accessible to everyone.

Key challenge

Reaching a broader audience

Our challenge was clear: reaching the broader audience that had yet to discover the wonders of traditional museums. This task demanded a profound understanding of our audience. We approached this challenge with utmost dedication, venturing into the streets equipped with a meticulously designed research plan. The insights we gathered served as the foundation for an inventive product and service combination. Through exhaustive research, which involved active user participation, we sculpted a product finely tuned to meet our audience's exact needs.


Shattering the dusty image of heritage

Our preliminary research uncovered a sobering truth—heritage often elicits uninspiring reactions. But the era of dull, expensive heritage is over. With the Virtual Museum of Flanders, we're breathing new life into the ancient.


Co-creation with the masters

We didn't walk this path alone. We collaborated closely with field experts, exploring numerous groundbreaking concepts. These ideas were meticulously validated with the people who matter most: the end-users.


Democratizing the Experience

While Vlaanderen boasts an abundance of historical and cultural treasures, many remain undiscovered by the masses. Our key to success? Crafting a user-friendly solution that serves as a bridge to the rich tapestry of existing heritage offerings.


Personal connection

Our research unveiled a profound insight—heritage stories resonate when they connect to your personal narrative. By placing heritage right around the corner, in familiar and cherished locations like your daily commute or the local supermarket, we've tapped into a meaningful connection. Heritage isn't a distant relic; it's woven into the fabric of your everyday life.


Continuous exploration

Through subtle cues within the app, we inspire users to keep digging deeper. Vlaanderen may be compact in size, but its history is boundless. Collect stamps as you journey through time.


Contemporary engagement

Our content is a tailored fit, devoid of endless jargon and historical trivia. Think augmented reality, immersive games, bite-sized stories, thrilling challenges—it's a treasure trove for every soul.


Award winning design! 

Our efforts haven't gone unnoticed. We are immensely proud to have clinched the prestigious Henry van de Velde Award in the 'digital' category for the app. This accolade stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and design excellence. The numbers tell a compelling story too, with a significant upswing in engagement and participation. Flanders heritage is now more accessible and captivating than ever before.