Est. 2000

For over 20 years, we've not just been "doing" design... We've been sculpting your innovations with it.

Iconic ‘o’

Remember that iconic bold red? The one you couldn't miss even if you tried? Well, change is in the air.

New beginning

Time for our renewed brand that mirrors who we are. It's our essence, our drive, our relentless pursuit of excellence!

We've broadened the arsenal of our skills…

Product Design

Digital Design

Interior & Spatial Design

Service & Business Design


Amplified our team…

And repositioned Studio Dott — sharper, stronger, and poised for the future.

Your definite go-to if you want to ...

Ignite your innovation through unwavering dedication and bold, human-centric design.

Studio Dott remains your trusted partner for crafting awesome things.

Ready to stand alongside industry pioneers?

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Design is our creed. Pioneering experiences, our game. Let's grow together!

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